Feb. 14

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Design by Shatiarra Monroe, 'Feb 14' is a super fabulous red design of her very first design 'Premier' in dedication to Valentine's Day as well as Shatiarra Monroe's birthday. While this edgy vibrant shoe remains the same in style as 'Premier', 'Feb 14' is a limited edition shoe with very few designs created. Please don't let the vibrant color confuse the shoe, this is equally versatile as 'Premier', maybe even more.

  • Heel height: 4"
  • Each pair is hand-cut; not every 2 pair is identical
  • Pointed-toe

Sizing: If you are a size 7, order size 7. If you are a 7.5, please go up to size 8 (Especially since this is a pointed-toe shoe, it is absolutely safe to round up)