About Shatiarra


Shatiarra Monroe, the founder of the Shatiarra Monroe Collection is an up and coming entrepreneur looking to make her mark in the fashion industry. She is well known for her unique, trend-setting style and vivacious spirit. Born February 14th 1996 in Maryland, Shatiarra was raised in the heart of Baltimore City and educated through the Baltimore City school system where she discovered her passion for design/drafting and it collided with her love for fashion. She works full time as a drafter/designer at a prestigious civil engineering firm and has an extensive background in residential drafting/design and interior design. Her credentials include professional experience in corporate accounts receivable and consumer financial services.

Having a passion for design as well as fashion has led to the creation of her own shoe line. The collection is composed of quality and luxury womens footwear and accessories. Every shoe is designed or has a unique touch by Shatiarra. Shatiarra’s style is very elegant, and classy with a hint of edginess, which comes across in her collection. Frustrated with not finding the perfect shoe, she decided to take fate into her own hands, leading her to create a design of her own. Her goal is to make every women feel beautiful, confident, and stylish.